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In the 1960s, a second and often effective antibiotic therapy was devised to protect against T. gondii infection. This was the oral formulation, called “Dichloroacetic acid, or the “DCA” for short, which is now well-accepted as an effective antimalarial agent. Because DCA is more soluble than metronidazole, it is used more frequently in some countries to prevent TB, whereas metronidazole is still widely used as a drug because of the anti-tumoral properties of the drug, Buy Doxycycline Online.
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VSE maintains a permanent stock of more than 250 available units of any desired capacity. Both short and long-term lease is possible. Here is a selection from our range:

  • welding equipment TIG, MIG, MAG, MMA
  • welding generators
  • plasma cutting machines
  • industrial cutting systems
  • rolling racks
  • A2/A6 submerged arc tractors
  • manipulators
  • accessories

Why rent?

  • Purchase of some equipment can be extremely expensive
  • You need a machine only for a short period of time
  • Unexpected additional work
  • You can always rent the most modern and advanced machinery
  • Always the right equipment for the job
  • No investment costs and high profitability
  • No administration and maintenance and/or repair bills
  • No technical problems
  • Clear idea of the cost of the work

Hire purchase

Flexible and attractive financial solutions for lease or hire purchase